My name is Marloes Stam, I’m the founder of Creating the New Normal.

I’ve created this platform to share my personal journey of creating a sustainably happy life. Since that hasn’t always been my reality. Growing up in the Netherlands, I always felt ‘different’. Due to my insecurity and desire to fit in, I became an overachiever and created self-destructive patterns. My life looked promising on the outside: internship at the Dutch Embassy, Masters in Politics, studied abroad, co-founded a start-up and eventually got an offer for my dream job.

Yet on the inside I felt miserable. At age 25 I was burnt-out, depressed, anxious and completely lost.  

I refused to accept that this was my normal. I knew there had to be a different way. A way of living that sparked joy from the inside. I began my spiritual journey in 2016 and slowly but surely climbed my way out of the darkness. I started doing what felt good: yoga, daily meditation, eating nurturing foods, taking walks, surfing, surrounding myself with uplifting people. In this process, I found something I had been looking for my entire life: wholeness. A feeling of acceptance within myself. Connecting to the most loving parts of me.

It is my mission to inspire you to create your new normal. A normal that feels good to your soul. It's up to you to create it, I'm just here to remind you.